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Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISBN: 9780133887518)

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISBN: 9780133887518)
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Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISBN: 9780133887518)

Table of Contents


About the Author

Chapter 1: Mole Balances  

Chapter 2: Conversion and Reactor Sizing  

Chapter 3: Rate Laws  

Chapter 4: Stoichiometry

Chapter 5: Isothermal Reactor Design: Conversion

Chapter 6: Isothermal Reactor Design: Moles and Molar Flow Rates

Chapter 7: Collection and Analysis of Rate Data

Chapter 8: Multiple Reactions

Chapter 9: Reaction Mechanisms, Pathways, Bioreactions, and Bioreactors

Chapter 10: Catalysis and Catalytic Reactors

Chapter 11: Nonisothermal Reactor Design—The Steady-State Energy Balance and Adiabatic PFR Applications

Chapter 12: Steady-State Nonisothermal Reactor Design—Flow Reactors with Heat Exchange

Chapter 13: Unsteady-State Nonisothermal Reactor Design

Chapter 14: Mass Transfer Limitations in Reacting Systems  

Chapter 15: Diffusion and Reaction

Chapter 16: Residence Time Distributions of Chemical Reactors

Chapter 17: Predicting Conversion Directly from the Residence Time Distribution

Chapter 18: Models for Nonideal Reactors

Appendix A: Numerical Techniques

Appendix B: Ideal Gas Constant and Conversion Factors

Appendix C: Thermodynamic Relationships Involving the Equilibrium Constant

Appendix D: Software Packages

Appendix E: Rate Law Data

Appendix F: Nomenclature

Appendix G: Open-Ended Problems

Appendix H: Use of Computational Chemistry Software Packages

Appendix I: How to Use the CRE Web Resources



  • Successfully integrates text, visuals, and computer simulations to help both undergraduate and graduate students master the fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering

  • Contains new examples, problems, and video instruction helping students to explore key issues, seek optimum solutions, and practice critical thinking and creative problem-solving

  • Presents expanded coverage of crucial safety topics to address the latest ABET requirements

  • Includes expanded coverage of bioreactions and industrial chemistry, introduced with real reactors and reactions

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