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Public Finance, Global Edition (ISBN: 9780077154691)

Public Finance, Global Edition (ISBN: 9780077154691)
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Public Finance, Global Edition (ISBN: 9780077154691)

Table of Contents

Part I Getting Started

1 Introduction 

2 Tools of Positive Analysis 

3 Tools of Normative Analysis

Part II Public Expenditure: Public Goods and Externalities 

4 Public Goods 

5 Externalities 

6 Political Economy 

7 Education 

8 Cost-Benefit Analysis

Part III Public Expenditures: Social Insurance and Income Maintenance 

9 The Health Care Market 

10 Government and the Market for Health Care 

11 Social Security 

12 Income Redistribution: Conceptual Issues 

13 Expenditure Programs for the Poor

Part IV Framework for Tax Analysis 

14 Taxation and Income Distribution 

15 Taxation and Efficiency 

16 Efficient and Equitable Taxation

Part V The United States Revenue System 

17 The Personal Income Tax 

18 Personal Taxation and Behavior 

19 The Corporation Tax 

20 Deficit Finance 

21 Fundamental Tax Reform: Taxes on Consumption and Wealth

Part VI Multigovernment Public Finance 

22 Public Finance in a Federal System 




Author Index 

Subject Index


  • Enhancements and key features for this new Global Edition include:

  • New Policy Perspectives introduce relevant and engaging examples of international policy so students can extend their understanding of theory to policymaking across the globe.

  • New Empirical Evidence applications provide students with real-world examples that are relevant to them, from case studies about Sweden and China to global examples that compare experiences between countries.

  • Updated end-of-chapter questions broaden critical thinking, encouraging students to apply their knowledge to international and comparative examples.

  • The results of econometric models are used to help students understand how expenditure and tax policies affect individual behavior and how governments set policies.

  • Integrated theory and analysis: Institutional, theoretical, and empirical material is interwoven to provide students with a clear and coherent view of how government spending and taxation relate to economic theory.

  • Current research is presented alongside discussion of methodological and substantive controversies. The approach is modern, theoretical, and empirical, and shared by most active economists.

  • Institutional and legal settings are described in detail, and the links between economic analysis and current political issues are emphasized.

  • This Global Edition has been adapted to meet the needs of courses outside of the United States and does not align with the instructor and student resources available with the US edition.

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